New banned behavior in Suzhou Rail Transit

2020年04月06日 10:06:32 | 来源:iSuzhou

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  The Measures for Administration of Urban Railway and Passenger Transportation(the Measures for short) issued by Ministry of Transport came into force since April 1, 2020. The Measures specify seven types of behavior to be prohibited that may undermine the order of railway operation, including begging, carriage performing, playing audio through speakers, and eating inside the carriage. In addition, ten types of behavior that may produce an impact on operation security are also banned.

  Suzhou Rail Transit has implemented most of the Measures for long, and the newly-banned behavior is as follows:

  From April 1, staff of Suzhou Rail Transit would intensify the tour inspection of the banned behavior in accordance with the Measures. Those failing to comply with the regulations will be ordered to correct their behavior; and those refusing to behave themselves will be fined more than 20 yuan and less than 100 yuan.