Huaihai Street will be under renovation soon

2020年04月06日 10:00:46 | 来源:iSuzhou

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  Huaihai Street, locating in Suzhou New District, is a popular Japanese food street. You can taste many Japanese snacks and traditional Japanese cuisine here. It's quite popular even in Japan. The good news is that the street will be under renovation for the months to come.

  Scope of Renovation

  The renovation will re-design, upgrade and transform the street in terms of municipal works, facilities, landscape, building-fronts, signboards, smart street and so on.

  Optimize Street Administration

  Cancel roadside parking locations; widen the breadth of roads in car-free zone; improve the business environment and friendliness to pedestrians; make a shift to a street for strolling along; current motor roads and passage will remain unchanged.

  Landscape Design

  Combine Japanese characteristics and culture in the design of landscape and make a multilevel, inter-regional public space; shape a diversified, cultural and consecutive street landscape with features peculiar to Suzhou being the supplement.

  Renovate Building-fronts

  With the premise of minimizing the impact on the business of restaurants and shops, the current building-fronts will be improved to make the independent upgrade of business available.

  Improve Municipal Facilities

  Replace municipal facilities (tap-water pipes, power lines); transform the street facilities; optimize the traffic and goods delivery of restaurants and shops.

  Construction Plan

  The renovation project will begin on early April and the completion date for principal part is temporarily scheduled at the end of September, 2020. To reduce the impact on residents and business, the construction will be done by sections and the impact of construction, material transport on the nearby traffic will be minimized. 

  Traffic Change

  To make sure the project goes as expected and minimize the impact on traffic nearby, the roadside parking locations will be canceled during the construction period; a North-to-South one-way road will be open to the nearby residents, restaurants and shops.

  The Huaihai Street in Suzhou New District will become an urban block with sustainable development. Just give it time!