FTZ in Lianyungang set to invest 20 billion yuan in 2020

2020年03月26日 10:44:22 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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The free trade zone in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province, is set to inject 20 billion yuan this year for the registration of more than 6 thousand registered market players.

Lianyungang will build an enterprise demand collection platform and information handling feedback system.

It will respond to the needs of enterprises and launch no less than 20 institutional innovation design projects to stimulate the initiative and creativity of various social groups.

The free trade zone will also promote investment in major projects, plan the layout of financial districts, guide the development of financial enterprises, and strive to introduce 20 new industrial investment projects with individual capital of more than 1 billion yuan.

Shang Zhenjiang, head of the commerce bureau, Lianyungang

We are drafting industrial maps 

for the coordinated development 

between the seaport in Lianyungang 

airport in Huaian and road port in Xuzhou. 

Lianyungang will also accelerate the construction of a 300 thousand-ton-level shipping lane project and a container trunk port project.

It will also enhance the capacity for Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Lianyungang) International Logistics Park and China-Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) Logistics Cooperation Base.

In the meantime, Lianyungang will bolster its international trade, upgrade its service industry, apply for the establishment of a national culture and tourism consumption pilot city, and launch an international cruise with Lianyungang as its home port.

Shang Zhenjiang, head of the commerce bureau, Lianyungang

We are expected to register 

more than 6000 market players 

and attract 1 billion USD 

of foreign capital this year 

so as to boost the high-quality development 

of the free trade zone.