Province’s patent application tops 5 million

2020年03月26日 10:40:39 | 来源

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The number of patent applications in Jiangsu province topped 5 million last year, averaging 30.16 invention patents per 10 thousand people, according to a provincial meeting on IPR protection held on Wednesday.

In 2019, Jiangsu registered remarkable progress in the creation and use of intellectual property with the number of patent applications topping 5 million, averaging 30.16 invention patents per 10 thousand people and making it the first province the country to record the 5-million mark. 

In 2020, Jiangsu will focus on strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights and building a strict and efficient intellectual property protection system.

Intellectual property rights authorities at all levels in the province will accelerate the construction of a new intellectual property protection system with Jiangsu characteristics, provide more convenient and efficient intellectual property services for various types of innovation subjects, and strengthen the deterrent power of intellectual property law enforcement.

Jiangsu will also build a network for the rapid protection of intellectual property rights, address issues such as difficult proof of intellectual property rights, long cycles, and high costs so as to provide strong support for promoting technological innovation and creating an atmosphere of innovation.